Eco-responsible parenting: advice for starting life with baby

Parentalité éco-responsable : les conseils pour un début de vie avec bébé

Nowadays, more and more parents want to consume responsibly and limit the impact of their purchases on the environment. This trend is also reflected in products aimed at babies and children. Some brands have decided to focus on natural materials, short circuits or the rental system.

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Are you waiting for a happy event or are you already a parent? Do you want to make more environmentally friendly consumption choices for your baby, but don't know where to start? Do not panic ! More and more brands are offering eco-responsible products dedicated to toddlers. Follow the guide for a greener start to parenthood!

Opt for washable diapers among the first purchases to plan, diapers. Many brands are developing in this area. To help you in your choice, reusable diaper rental is a solution offered by the diaper companion . This company will help you choose from a wide variety of existing brands and models with personalized support so you can test before investing.
Results: less waste and savings!

Fall for durable clothes to dress baby from head to toe, turn to Little Woode for example. Their collections are made from natural and ethical materials such as organic cotton. Quality clothing that lasts over time!

Buy second hand to avoid textile overproduction, do not hesitate to turn to second hand. Many solidarity shops or resale sites between individuals

Opt for eco-designed furniture for the baby's room, some brands offer certified ecological and Made in France wooden furniture. A sustainable investment!

By following these few tips, you can easily adopt a more eco-responsible consumption method for your little one!