Keep your car cool in the summer

Comment garder sa voiture fraîche en été ?

Succeed in keeping your car as cool as possible in summer.

Summer is here, vacations in the sun are here. You have planned to visit a region and enjoy its landscapes. Whether by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, heat in the vehicle remains a problem when traveling by car, especially with children.

When summer temperatures soar, the heat inside your car can quickly become unbearable. However, by adopting some simple but effective measures, you can maintain a cool and comfortable interior. Note that heat can also damage your vehicle externally.

Strategic parking

Where you park your car will make a huge difference in how much heat it builds up. Even if these spaces are expensive, always try to park in the shade. Under a tree, covered shed or garage, avoid leaving your car exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Use sunshades

Sun shades are essential tools for blocking the sun's rays. This further reduces the heat in the car cabin. There are different types of sunshades, those to be installed directly on the front windshield of the car to avoid burning the steering wheel. For windows, it has different types of sunshades depending on your needs:
- suction cup sun visor
- roll-up sun visor
- slip-on sock sun visor

Installing sunshades in the car to stay cooler

It reduces the effects of the sun's rays, thus reducing heat and the degradation of UV rays on the seats and dashboard.

Use natural ventilation

Before starting your car, open all the doors to ventilate as much as possible and let the heat escape from the cabin. Once the engine is running, open the opposite windows to create a natural air flow. This does not prevent the air conditioning from being turned on, on the contrary it will help cool the interior of the car more quickly before closing the windows once the air conditioning has cooled.

Keep windows open with sun shade socks

Use air conditioning efficiently

When you get into the car, it's tempting to immediately turn the air conditioning on full blast. However, it is best to first open the windows and circulate the warm air. Once the air is cooler, you can turn on the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature. Do not set the temperature too low compared to the outside so as not to create thermal shock when going out.

Effective heat management in a car is the result of several actions. Be calm while traveling with your family.