When we created EZIMOOV, around a blank page, we had a lot of desires. First, the desire to sublimate a product niche that had been neglected: mobility accessories for children.

Then came the desire to communicate our invitation to travel to get out of this blank page.

But we didn't just want to exploit a range of items and its contours. We had other desires. A desire to put our values ​​there. These values ​​that drive us every day. We wanted to put our commitment, our desire for transparency, our work for the environment and also our offbeat vision of life, because entrepreneurship is good but mojitos are better.


We have always been committed. From the start. From our origins. But we remained discreet about our contributions. May be too much.

And after reflection we said to ourselves that ultimately, there was more to be gained together, you and us, by displaying our commitments rather than working in the shadows. Showing our struggles could serve as a lever to help good causes.

We are committed, on very diverse axes but always with a common social base. In working with our partners, within our team and with our clients, we favor humanism, solidarity work and environmental approaches .

For this, among many other actions, we have launched an important program through the site you are on.

We are committed to donating 1% of our total turnover to partner associations.

We select associations working in all humanist fields: environment, education, health and the fight against discrimination.


We are not perfect and we say so.

For example, we do not hide the place of manufacture of our products and we do not run away from environmental issues. We show the path where we are moving but we also show the obstacles that sow this path.

We want to move towards production from recycled materials.

We aim for the average of our products made of materials of petrochemical origin to be made with more than 90% recycled material by 2024 .

Many of our products have already been improved and already meet this objective. We have redesigned and reworked them to remove the parts that are not eligible for the use of recycled material.

Zero plane : none of our productions are transported by plane. All of our goods are chartered by freighter and by truck.


The environmental issue is the main marker for the design of our products.

As part of the development of our articles, we systematically integrate the environment from their origins.

We have now formalized the eco-design approach in order to be able to reduce our footprint on resources as much as possible, in particular to limit our dependence on materials of non-renewable origin and more particularly petrochemical materials.

We work with our designers to extend the life of our products by developing multi-purpose products.

We are now working on the circularity of our materials by implementing designs aimed at allowing:

  • The repairability of our products
  • The durability of our products
  • The recyclability of our products

This approach is formalized by the establishment of an environmental performance indicator that allows us to respond to the various environmental issues that we must reflect on and respond to.

By 2024 , we also aim to reduce plastic pollution, particularly of the oceans. To do this, we have already implemented a Zero Plastic policy for all of our packaging .


It is stronger than us. We tried hard but we couldn't. We assure you that we would like to but we relapse quickly.

We have therefore come to this conclusion: it is impossible for us to make communication too smooth.

You can't help but tell the truth. To say that children are dirty, that it screams, that puts your fingers in your nose and that it rots the interior of the car. We are even able to say that sometimes our own children are ugly.

We also have another problem. This is because our mind quickly deviates. As proof with our partners and our customers, we very quickly forget the business aspect and we often end up talking more about mojito recipes than profit margins.

For example, we have a big game at EZIMOOV which is that the Monday team meeting lasts 14 minutes, not one more, and we start by describing in three words what we did the weekend before to talk about work.

So yes obviously the key words tartiflette, surf and mojito have a real predominance in the lexical field of these meetings but as they say that we must not fight against the natural and remain aligned with our values ​​so we are comfortable with That.