Ezimoov, a new partner of The Coral Planters association

Ezimoov, un nouveau partenaire de l'association The Coral Planters

Ezimoov is committed to supporting The Coral Planters to help preserve the environment.

Coral ecosystems are natural wonders of critical importance to our planet. However, these unique marine habitats face many challenges, such as coral bleaching, pollution and climate change. Fortunately, dedicated organizations like The Coral Planters are rising up to protect and restore these fragile ecosystems.

The vision of The Coral Planters

The Coral Planters is a non-profit organization with the goal of preserving coral reefs and restoring their health. The association firmly believes that the conservation of coral ecosystems is essential to maintain marine biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

Coral Reef Development with The Coral Planters

Restoration actions and projects

The Coral Planters is present on several points to fight against reef bleaching. The main mission of the association is to undertake a series of actions to restore coral ecosystems within the Maldives and Rodrigues Island. Using carefully collected coral fragments, the team attaches them to a structure specially designed to accommodate the polyps. The metal frames are covered with a mixture of sand and natural resin to increase the chances of success tenfold. The reefs are monitored and studied to ensure their survival through the development of artificial intelligence.

The second mission of the association is to raise public awareness of the challenges of corals and marine biodiversity. By carrying out interventions in schools and spaces open to the public, The Coral Planters demystifies underwater life with "Edu'Coral".

Since its inception, The Coral Planters has planted 16,758 coral fragments on 344 artificial reefs.

Ezimoov signs a partnership with The Coral Planters

By partnering with The Coral Planters, Ezimoov hopes to provide financial support to help regenerate coral reefs and raise awareness of the importance of preserving our marine ecosystem. Because of their common shared values, they have united their deep desire to contribute to the preservation of our environment and to create a better world for future generations.

By working together, they aspire to a future where the oceans will flourish and future generations can enjoy the natural wealth of our planet.

Coral reef reconstruction structure

You can also support the association, more information here.