Eco-designed products, a design philosophy for a sustainable future

Des produits éco-conçus, une philosophie de conception pour un avenir durable

In a world where every gesture counts to preserve our planet, Ezimoov stands out for its resolute commitment to eco-responsibility.

Since 2022, our brand has continued to place the environment at the center of its concerns, by developing eco-designed products intended to support families in their daily lives.

The philosophy of Eco-Design at Ezimoov

Eco-design represents the integration of environmental criteria from the first phases of the design of a product, taking into account its entire life cycle. At Ezimoov, this translates into a meticulous choice of raw materials, favoring recycled plastics, in order to minimize our ecological impact. To date, we have reused 11.11 tonnes of plastic, one step closer to our goal of reducing plastic waste.

plastic use

Plastic consumption: a global issue

Daily plastic consumption varies widely across the world, with alarming per capita averages. A French person uses on average 70 kg* of plastic each year compared to 210 kg for an American and 16 kg per inhabitant per year on average for the African continent. This unbridled consumption contributes to the accumulation of plastic waste, whose degradation time can reach several centuries, posing serious environmental problems. Faced with this observation, Ezimoov is committed to being part of the solution, by reducing dependence on new plastics and promoting recycling.

Reasonable packaging

Aware of the impact of packaging on the environment, we have eliminated the use of plastic bags and sachets in our packaging. Our packaging is exclusively made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard, guaranteeing that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition, we have reduced the use of ink on our packaging, thereby reducing our environmental impact and reinforcing our commitment to a cleaner planet.

FSC certified recycled cardboard packaging

A commitment that resonates with parents

For parents concerned about the commitments of the brands they support, Ezimoov presents itself as an ally of choice. Our approach, ranging from the design of eco-designed products to the optimization of our packaging, reflects our determination to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. We understand the importance of preserving the planet for future generations and are committed to living up to this responsibility.


Ezimoov is more than a brand; it is a partner for families who aspire to a greener lifestyle. By choosing Ezimoov, you are taking a significant step towards reducing your ecological footprint, while benefiting from products designed to make your daily life easier. Together we can make a difference, one product at a time.