Preparing for a long car trip with baby

Préparer un long trajet en voiture avec bébé

How to prepare for a long car trip with baby?

Taking the road with the family is quite an organization . Travel cannot be improvised, especially with a baby. Whether it's a long journey or a simple trip, everything has to be thought of.

Plan the trip well

Going on a family vacation cannot be improvised with an infant or toddler. Anticipate travel based on travel time. If you want to be able to ride as calmly as possible, while baby is sleeping , the start should be after a meal to help them fall asleep. Digestion will make it easier to sleep, and you can ride until the next break. Some parents, for journeys of less than 2 hours, take the road after the children's dinner so that they do not see the time passing.

How to prepare for a long car trip with the kids

When to hit the road?

An early morning departure saves time. You have to wake up the children for a moment to install them in the car with a comforter, before sleep returns to them. You can then drive for several hours before stopping for a breakfast break prepared in a small bag of food that you keep carefully at your feet. Night car rides are also an option taken by many parents, in addition to driving while the children sleep, traffic is easier . Night departures make it possible to circulate with pleasant temperatures in summer. However, be careful of icy roads in winter. Be careful not to get tired. Driver breaks should be more frequent . If you get drowsy, stop for a nap or leave the driving to your co-pilot.

“When are we getting there?! We all know this sentence repeated over and over again by children when they are old enough to speak. To best prepare your child for car trips , you can clearly tell him that it will be a long journey before the holidays , even baby. A child, old enough to understand, will know to be patient and will learn to take care of himself .

Take breaks with baby

A journey with a baby will take longer. Breaks should be longer . To breastfeed or give the bottle, find a quiet place, without too much traffic. Remember to prepare baby bottles in advance and place them in an insulated bag. Gas stations are usually equipped with microwaves to heat milk. You can also bring a bottle warmer that plugs into the car. Do not forget to take enough powdered milk with and mineral water. You can take the opportunity to stretch your little one's legs , even if he isn't walking yet. Spending the day in the same position is not pleasant for him either.

Most rest areas are equipped for changing babies. However, if you drive on small roads, consider investing in a changing mat, then you will be independent.

How to organize the car?

When traveling with young children, there is a lot of equipment to take. To have everything you need close at hand , organize the car properly. Once the luggage, pushchairs and other accessories have been stored in the boot, take the useful items for travel with you. You can store them in a storage box on the back seat to put a water bottle, books and something to draw. You can also attach storage to the backs of the front seats . If your child is already big enough to be in a forward -facing car seat , they can reach for their toys themselves.

Prepare a bag with several occupations : books, games, drawing, music... So that they do not see the time passing , they will occupy themselves like grown-ups.

During the trip, the weather can change. The weather can vary from rain to sun. Infants' eyes are as sensitive as yours. Equip your car with a sun visor positioned on the rear window. There are several models according to your expectations.

Keep children busy during long car journeys with games, reading, music to keep them waiting.

Installing baby in the car

A baby can be installed in a car from an early age. However, there are safety rules to follow. A suitable car seat and careful installation to make journeys in complete safety.


How to install baby in the car?

When you buy a new product, the first thing to do is to read the installation instructions carefully to be sure to follow the safety instructions. In this way, the seat will be properly installed and journeys will be made in complete safety.

When installing baby in the rear-facing seat, make sure he is not wearing a big jacket or bulky clothing. Parents tend to leave all layers of clothing on and tighten more on the harness. Unfortunately this technique is not the right one. Indeed, if the driver has to brake, baby will not be well supported and may be injured during braking. For this, it is best to remove the coat to put it as a blanket or use a poncho to keep him warm and remove it if necessary. Dress your little one comfortably .

Install baby comfortably for long car journeys

A journey with a baby is organized and prepared to anticipate all the needs of an infant during the journey.