About Us

3 men, 1 planet, 1 idea

Bertrand, Philippe and Johan have known each other for several years already, thanks to their professional activities, they have forged links and taken up challenges, each one crazier than the last, despite the distance.

Coming from the 3 corners of France, our 3 Frenchies spend a lot of time outside, one at the beach, one in the mountains and one in town.

No, no, what I'm telling you here is not the beginning of a joke, wait to read the rest.
Over the years, they have seen the extent of the damage that waste has done to our planet. Our landscapes are polluted by a lot of packaging and microplastics, and that is ugly!

And what kind of planet are we leaving to our children?

In their quest to make things happen and reduce carbon impact, they are first looking at electric cars, but this is already taken by Elon Musk...

However, there is one thing that Elon has missed, baby car equipment is not eco-friendly...

And what kind of planet are we leaving to our children?

Bam! An idea: "We're going to design environmentally friendly car accessories for children!

Because we love the planet and children, even if children :
- They're noisy
- They kick
- They stick their fingers up their nose
- It has a runny nose
- It pulls its hair
- Doesn't sleep when you want to sleep
- Drops the old piece of cake full of drool on the seat
- A non-exhaustive list...

So EZIMOOV and its partners are well on their way to great adventures...

"Bending over to pick up other people's rubbish was the best thing I could have done. Thanks to this, we have been able to build a company in our image that contributes to the preservation of our environment."

Their project is popular and their ideas are flourishing, something to follow...