When we created EZIMOOV, around a blank page, we had a lot of desires. First, the desire to sublimate a product niche that had been neglected: mobility accessories for children.

Then came the desire to communicate our invitation to travel to get out of this blank page.

But we didn't just want to exploit a range of items and its contours. We had other desires. A desire to put our values ​​there. These values ​​that drive us every day. We wanted to put our commitment, our desire for transparency, our work for the environment and also our offbeat vision of life, because entrepreneurship is good but mojitos are better.

For this, among many other actions, we have launched an important program through the site on which you are.

For any purchase, we undertake to donate €1 to a partner association.

We select associations working in all humanist fields: environment, education, health and the fight against discrimination.

Many of our products have already been improved and already meet this objective. We have redesigned and reworked them to remove the parts that are not eligible for the use of recycled material.

Zero plane : none of our productions are transported by plane. All of our goods are chartered by freighter and by truck.

This approach is formalized by the establishment of an environmental performance indicator that allows us to respond to the various environmental issues that we must reflect on and respond to.

By 2024 , we also aim to reduce plastic pollution, particularly of the oceans. To do this, we have already implemented a Zero Plastic policy for all of our packaging .

We also have another problem. It's that quickly our mind deviates. As proof with our partners and our customers, very quickly, we forget the business aspect and we often end up talking more about mojito recipes than back margins.

For example, we have a big game at EZIMOOV is that the Monday team meeting lasts 14 minutes, not one more, and that we start by describing in three words what we did the weekend before to talk about work.

So yes, of course, the keywords tartiflette, surf and mojito have a real predominance in the lexical field of these meetings, but as we say that we shouldn't fight against the natural and stay aligned with our values, so we're comfortable That.

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