Recycled plastic, what is RPET?

What is RPET?

Firstly, let's define PET Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), more commonly known as plastic, comes from industry.

PET is made from 100% petroleum, so it is made from non-renewable energy, and today plastic is still present on our planet and in our daily lives. In general, its function is for single use only. However, there are recyclable plastics , such as bottles, which contain enough material to be recycled, unlike plastic film or yoghurt pots.

These recyclable plastics are called RPET The R stands for plastic recycling .

How do you go from plastic to recycled plastic?

Once collected, the plastic bottles are passed over a sieve shaking the bottles to remove the remaining waste. Steam is then used to remove the labels from the bottles. The bottles and their caps are then turned into plastic flakes .

In a second step, the glue is removed and the flakes are dipped in water.
The water separates the two types of flakes. Those that float are HDPE (bottle cap flakes) and those that sink are PET (bottle cap flakes). After sorting, the flakes are pressed and dried.

Finally, the flakes are melted down and made into small pellets so that they are easily scalable for companies producing products from recycled plastics .

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What to do with it:

These RPET plastic flakes are commonly processed into:

  • In new bottles
  • In Polyester fiber for fabrics, carpets, clothes, accessories...
  • In wadding to provide the interior of anoraks, duvets and pillows

How to contribute:

By sorting your waste
By buying products made from recyclable materials.

At EZIMOOV, all fabric materials are made from recyclable plastic and our cardboard packaging is also recycled .

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